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Angry Birds Free Download Full Version. In Angry Birds, gamers manage a flock of multi-colored birds that are trying to retrieve eggs that have been stolen by a group of evil green pigs. On each degree, the pigs are sheltered by structures made from several supplies this kind of as wooden, ice and stone, and also the goal of the sport would be to remove all of the pigs within the stage. Using a slingshot, gamers kick off the birds using the intent of possibly hitting the pigs straight or harmful the structures, which might trigger them to collapse and destroy the pigs. In several phases of the video game, additional objects this sort of as explosive crates and rocks are identified in the levels, and may be used along with the birds to destroy hard-to-reach pigs.

Each and every stage commences with all the range, kinds, and buy of birds pre-determined. If every one of the pigs are defeated by the point the final bird is used, the stage is accomplished as well as the following level is unlocked. Factors are scored for each pig defeated also as for hurt to, or destruction of, constructions, and bonus factors are awarded for any unused birds. Upon finishing each and every stage, players receive one particular, two, or 3 stars, according to the score acquired. People might re-attempt unlocked ranges as a lot of moments as they want in order to full them productively or to earn extra points and/or stars.

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The game is also available for online play and a lot of people opt for this mode also but downloading the game to a gaming console or a system makes it usable even if you don’t have an internet connection at the moment when you want to play the game. Using Angry Birds Free Download you can download the game onto your mini gadget like PDAs, consoles, mobile phones, etc while using the Angry Birds For PC you can download the game on your personal computers or laptops. The difference between them is simple. Angry Birds Free Download is designed to be used on small devices like mobile phones which have a relatively smaller memory as compared to a computer or a laptop. They are designed in such a manner as to provide the look and feel of the original game but with a lot less resources as would be available in the original normal version. There would also be some difference in the graphics of the two versions as the lower version is bound to have a lot lesser graphics than the normal one. On the other hand, the full version of the game, Angry Birds For PC, is designed and provided with all the graphics and quality that a person would like to have when playing a game on the computer system. There would also be a difference in the size of the games in the two versions. While the former is meant to be played on small devices, it is bound to have a small capacity, lesser number of stages to be cleared as compared to the original one which would have a lot of such stages built for the game. Get the angry birds free download now and install on your pc to see the game in action.

Game play

The game play of Angry Birds is simple. The game play involves firing the Angry Birds in the direction of the towers and bring them down. In various other games built with similar grounds, simple bolsters or rocks are used to bring down enemy castles but in this particular one, a unique invention, throwing the Angry Birds, was introduced to signify that the birds themselves have taken the matter in their own hands to bring down enemy castles when eggs were stolen. Angry Birds Free Download and Angry Birds For PC are today’s most downloaded games which serve the purpose of providing an ultimate experience to the fullest.

“Hogs and Kisses”

System Requirements:
OS Windows XP SP2
Graphic OpenGL 1.3 compatible

Angry Birds Platform
Angry birds available on many different gaming platform including PC, MAC, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7,and PSP/PS3. You can download the PC version of Angry Birds here.

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