Petville: Facebook’s Newest Application

Zynga, the company that brought to us FarmVille and Cafe World is proud to announce their newest pet simulation game, Petville.  Petville will now join some of the largest pet simulation games like Pet Society, Happy Pets, and Neopets. The game is also dubbed as the cutest pet simulation game there is.

PetVille is somewhat similar to Pet Society since some of the features where adopted from Playfish’s Pet Society which also made use of Nintendo’s pet simulation games such as Nintendogs and Animal Crossing. PetVille is simple and fun to play with. You can customize your pet or allow the game to whip something up for your pet. If you have been playing Pet Society, then playing PetVille will just be a piece of cake for you. Not all feature was taken from Pet Society. In fact, I can say that PetVille has a better graphics than Pet Society. The graphics were well improved and customized to bring a very rich first impression.

PetVille has some other features which include the shopping of items. On PetVille, different stores were used to find the different items you are looking for. If you are looking for a furniture, you can find those in the furniture shop of PetVille, same goes with clothing, accessories and some other things that you will need for your pet. Shopping was never been this organized thanks to PetVille’s shopping feature.

I would like to extend my sincerest congratulations to Zynga who had brought to us one of the finest games in Facebook.
Graphics 10/10, Sounds 10/10, Game Play 9/10

Overall rating for PetVille is 9/10

What are you waiting for, start playing PetVille now and enjoy the fun of having your own pet to look after to.

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